$108 Million Gone to Waste

                The top 10 movies this month have collectively made $108.3 million worldwide. I think this is a tremendous amount of money that should at least in part be put towards a better cause.  Many agree that the makers of this money really don’t need millions to spend when there are countless people homeless and starving worldwide.

Mike Mezzacappa, a local Staten Island resident believes “ The people making all that money and not donating it are incredibly greedy and selfish.”

            The salaries of these actors and actresses are also rediculous sums of money. They are already in the 10% most wealthy in the nation, yet they keep all this money for themselves and very few donate to charities.

Jazlyn Cerbin, another local Staten Island resident also believes “ There are far too many problems in this world for this money not to be used for something much more important and deserving.”


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