No More U.F.C.

By Nick Pepitone


For more than 4 years, the UFC has been trying to convince the New York State Legislature to remove it’s ban on live professional mixed martial arts fighting, passed in 1997. The law was completely uncalled for, and violates the first amendment. It was put into order because  the NYS Legislature feels the sport portrays a violent message to it’s viewers. This is completely unfair considering the amount of other violent and legal sports such as Boxing, Hockey, Football, and in some cases Rodeo.

Local New Dorp resident and Ultimate Fighting Championship enthusiast, Jazlyn Cerbin, states “ The law is completely irrational and the NYS Legislature is overreacting immensley, especially after the addition of fighting safety regulations.”

In the UFC’s unregulated days, it was labeled a “bloodsport” but after many  regulations were added and focus was set to fighter safety, the UFC audience grew rapidly. They’ve decided the last thing they could do is sue the government for interfering with the First Amendment and hope for the best in federal court.

New Dorp teacher, Mr.Stefanelli, says “I’m not a fan of violent sports, but if the fighters are safe, there’s no reason for the sport to be banned.”

I think the public can agree, the punishment was an unnecessary violation of the First Amendment and will hopefully be abolished without any problems.


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