Should everyone be able to own a gun? Aside from being unnecessary, some people believe they should legally be able to as long as they have a license. I personally believe they should also have to pass some sort of permit test. That way, not just any criminal or person with bad intentions can own a gun and put other peoples’ lives in harm. There is no need for anything larger than a handgun to be on your person outside of your house in order to protect yourself.

Local bodybuilder, Eugene Pagani, states “I believe everyone should be able own a gun, primarily for self defense.”


However, in order to defend yourself and your home, it would be more acceptable to have something such as a shotgun considering it would be much more intimidating towards a home intruder. On the other hand, others believe if there were no guns, nobody would be in danger of being shot and hurt or even killed by guns.

Local teenager, Jazlyn Cerbin, states “Guns are unnecessary because they instill fear in the public and if guns did not exist, then nobody would get shot.”

In the U.S. alone, there are hundreds of thousands of deaths due to guns every year. About 57% of these deaths are due to suicides and 37% being homicides. You make the decision, should guns be legal?


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