Facebook Fanfare

Three 8th grade girls from Indianapolis were recently expelled from their school after jokingly conversing about which of their classmates they would like to kill. On behalf of the girls,  the American Civil Liberties Union claimed that the school violated the girls’ free speech amendment. The school then argued that the girls had violated the school policy against bullying, harassment and intimidation.  It was eventually decided that the girls would be allowed to attend the school next year in the 9th grade.


          Children of such a young age tend to use sites like facebook as a toy. Considering the amount of controversy and problems that occur over the site, these students should not even be authorized to have an account. However, as true as this may be, problems like this will never go away as long as the site exists. Facebook is a personal website (depending on a user’s settings) and should remain that way within reason. If no serious damage is done and no possible threats are being made, the things a person chooses to say should not matter to others, let alone be brought to the attention of the school


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