Broken Curfews Can Be Repaired

Curfews are created in the best interest of a child’s safety. There are many dangers in the outside world that come out at night! Who knows what kind of men with bombs or giant scissors could be lurking in the darkness of the night? Lately, children have decided to start breaking these curfews and going against their parents’ absurd commands. There is a very simple, effective solution to this problem that will ensure that all of your children will be safe and sound inside their houses when the sun goes down.

 It only makes enormous amounts of sense that every child under the age of 20 should be inside their houses by the break of dusk. The dangers of the night are not worth the risk of your child being out enjoying their youth! In order to enforce this rule, I propose a very simple solution. At 7pm every night, hundreds of hungry lions are to be realeased into every town. Any child willing to take the risk of being eaten alive by multiple hungry lions is clearly mentally unstable and shouldn’t be leaving their house at all, let alone at night. The lions will be recollected at dawn and the process will repeat on a nightly basis.

As you can see, this is a flawless plan and will work perfectly if done
right. It is imperative that we continue to remind our children that they have the responsabilities of adults but we continue to treat them like children. I hope we can all use are common sense to agree to this proposal.


Should everyone be able to own a gun? Aside from being unnecessary, some people believe they should legally be able to as long as they have a license. I personally believe they should also have to pass some sort of permit test. That way, not just any criminal or person with bad intentions can own a gun and put other peoples’ lives in harm. There is no need for anything larger than a handgun to be on your person outside of your house in order to protect yourself.

Local bodybuilder, Eugene Pagani, states “I believe everyone should be able own a gun, primarily for self defense.”


However, in order to defend yourself and your home, it would be more acceptable to have something such as a shotgun considering it would be much more intimidating towards a home intruder. On the other hand, others believe if there were no guns, nobody would be in danger of being shot and hurt or even killed by guns.

Local teenager, Jazlyn Cerbin, states “Guns are unnecessary because they instill fear in the public and if guns did not exist, then nobody would get shot.”

In the U.S. alone, there are hundreds of thousands of deaths due to guns every year. About 57% of these deaths are due to suicides and 37% being homicides. You make the decision, should guns be legal?

Unfair Healthcare

It’s amazing to me that after seeing the statistics and the stories of the lives who were ruined by health expenses, that we don’t have free health care yet. Many argue that taxes would be too high, but at what cost? Those against it believe they’re just paying for the unemployed people who are too lazy to work, but for the most part this is untrue. More than 40 million adults were unable to receive the health care they needed such as medical, prescription, mental and dental care in 2005 because they could not afford it.

Why Wall Street?

It is completely absurd that there are thousands of people that are protesting and nobody can seem to give a straight answer as to why they’re there. A majority are protesting that “1% control the 99%.” Others, especially college students, are upset that there are no jobs for them after they graduate. A small percent aren’t even sure why they’re there. I agree with the fact that the wealthy should be paying the same amount of tax as the middle class, but I do not agree with the hatred for Wall Street. It is a system that has been managing our money for a very long time and it does it’s job very well a majority of the time. I don’t see what these protests will accomplish but we’ll see in due time.